Whitening Mega Vitamin Ampoule

Rs. 1,800

A whitening wrinkle functional ampoule that contains a lot of vitamins and brightens and brightens skin.

Various vitamins are absorbed into the skin Provides clear skin care

Helps improve skin elasticity and wrinkles 

Forms a moisturizing layer of skin that helps moisturize and retain moisture for long periods of time Dry, crumpled skin due to lack f water elasticity care

Gives your skin a shine and is gently absorbed into your skin

Whitening Vitamin c Ampoules are gently absorbed into the skin, giving a clean, clear skin tone and a smooth, moist finish

Content : 100 ml



Key ingredients
- Vitamin B3
- Vitamin B5
- Vitamin B7


How to use

Essence In the next step, take an appropriate amount and apply gently to the skin. It is a product that focuses on essential nutrients at the basic stage

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