Double Effect Pore RX Tightening Serum (Note: Read the usage)

Rs. 1,450 Rs. 1,900

It will smoothen your skin instantly after makeup or when you apply instead of makeup. Dual Functional Pore Tightening Serum in Whitening + Anti wrinkle. Tosowoong Pore RX Tightening Serum takes care of skin to be clear and soft and boosts skin elasticity as containing functional ingredients.

As containing Camellia Japonica Flower Extract, a functional ingredient, it takes care of skin textures to be silky and tightens pores effectively.

Content : 30 ml 



99.9% purity white gold and silicone polymer instantly make your skin smoother.

Main ingredients are camellia japonica extract, rhus javanica extract, platinum powder and asparagus lucidus root extract.


How to use

Apply after makeup or instead of makeup.

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